Napo makes his contribution to the fight against COVID-19


It is expected that people will start turning up for work in their regular workplaces in greater numbers on and after 4 May, when the first steps are taken to relax the measures that have been in force to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in Iceland. However, to avoid further infections it is important that everyone continue to be on their guard and to take the maximum precautions.

NapoThe cartoon character Napo reminds us of some of the fundamental rules applying in the workplace in the accompanying video. Videos featuring Napo have no text, but are clear and concise in the way they present their message. Their aim is to spread simple but informative messages independent of language, cultural settings or national points of view. They are produced through collaboration between many national agencies. Development of the website , where more videos can be found, was funded by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, which is located in Bilbao, Spain.

In this video, Napo does his bit to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In the spirit of other videos in the series, it is short, easily understood and to the point. Instead of an extensive discussion of the coronavirus threat and the full range of responses to it, Napo takes a single danger point – infection being spread by our hands and the surfaces they touch – and shows in his inimitable way where dangers lie and what we can do to fight against them.

Infection prevention